Thursday, October 4, 2007


I get so used to abbreviations that I forget that not everyone knows them.

W&T means wrap the stitch and turn your work to knit/purl in the opposite direction = a short row. One then picks up the wrap with the stitch to work it when one next encounters it. Short rows are useful for lengthening the back of a sweater, making darts for shaping and sock heels and toes.

Friday, September 28, 2007

afghans for Afghans sweater

This is actually last year's a4A sweater, but here i give you the instructions - so far in one size only - watch for updates.

Afghans for Afghans Yoke Sweater

Size 8-10 years

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky or equivalent weight, 4 skeins or approx. 550 yards (mc)

Noro Kureyon 1 skein (cc)

Needles: US 8 (5 mm), US 10 (6 mm)

Gauge: 4.00 sts = 1" 5.00 rws = 1"

With mc & smaller circular needle, cast on 56 sts, place marker, cast on 56 sts, place marker, join.

Work in 1:1 rib for 6 rounds [1"].

Rib-to-Body Inc Round Work 8 [inc 1 in next st, work 7] 6x to first marker. Repeat sequence to end. (124 sts total, 62 sts between markers)

With larger needles, knit every round until piece meas 12”, work around once more, slip marker, W&T next stitch, purl to next marker, W&T next stitch, knit back. (This gives the back two extra rows.) Knit around completely once more picking up wraps as you go. Work two more rounds even.


With mc & smaller dp needles, cast on 30 sts. Place marker. Join. Work in 1:1 rib for

8 rounds [1.5"].

Rib-to-Sleeve-Inc Round Work 10 [inc 1 in next st, work 9] 2x.

Sleeve Increases

With larger needles, knit one round, then:

Inc 1 st on each side of marker every 7 rounds 6x.

Then every 8 rounds 2x.

Continue in pat st until piece meas 14"[round 62].

End last round 5 sts before marker. Place next 10 sts on holder.

Join Sleeves and Body Work 57 body sts, place next 10 sts on holder[removing marker], work 38 sleeve sts, work to 5 sts before second marker, place next 10 sts on holder [removing marker], work 38 sleeve sts. Place marker.


Work 3 rounds even in main color.

Rnds 1 & 2: Knit 4 mc, *K1 cc, K5 mc* repeat, end K1 mc.

Rnd 3: *K3 mc, K3 cc* repeat.

Rnd 4: K1 cc, K1 mc, *K5 cc, K1 mc* repeat, end K4 cc.

Rnds 5-12: Continue in cc.

Rnd 13: First Dec Round *K2, K2tog* to end. (yoke measures 3.9" from sleeve join)

Work even in cc until 5.9" from sleeve join.

Second Dec Round *K1, K2tog* to end. Change back to main color **

After three rounds knit across back, slip marker, W&T next stitch, purl back to next marker, slip marker, W&T next stitch, knit back and continue around, picking up wraps as you go. (This gives the back neck two extra rows.)

Work even until 7.8" from sleeve join.

Neck Dec Round

*K1, K2tog, K2tog*

Rolled Neck Finishing: Change to smaller size short circular needle or set of dps, work 3 rounds 1:1 rib, then knit 4 rounds. Change to larger needles and knit two more rounds. Bind off loosely.

Kitchener underarm stitches. Weave in ends.

*I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky color “Emerald” which I feel knits up more like a heavy worsted weight.

& Kureyon col no. 128, each skein is unique so your results may vary.

**If working with 2 yarns in one round intimidates you, work 5 rounds even then just switch to Kureyon for a lovely band of color.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

unexpected day off!

Wahoo! After weeks of very high census, we are down to a handful of babies and I was given an unexpected day off! This hospital calls it an ASD (I still do not know what it stands for, other than atrial septal defect - a hole in the upper chambers of the heart. All I know is it means I get to stay home and play.)

So I decided to share my good fortune with others by finishing some knit articles for Children in Common, afghans for Afghans, and Covenant House in New Orleans. The items are on the drying rack now, hoping to be dry by Friday for mailing.